Suitable for massage from the age of 6 weeks.

An important constituent of olive oil is Squalane, which is absorbed quickly by the skin.  Olive oil derived squalane helps to regulate sebum and very closely resembles human sebum. For use as an emollient, squalane is a traditional, natural alternative to using silicone emollients, which is an often-used chemical in products for its non-fatty skin-softening properties. It is classic oil for dry, chapped skin on elbows, knees, hands and feet. Used in hand creams, olive oil offers nourishing, softening and excellent protection from weather and water.

Olive oil’s nourishing, softening and protecting properties are well-known but it is also an anti-inflammatory and so very valuable to use in oil blends that treat skin irritations, insect bites, sun-damaged skin, eczema, psoriasis and itchiness


100% Organic Mediterranean Olive Oil


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