Miracle Boost Serum – Pure Beauty GOLD Award Winner 2019

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Highly active anti-ageing serum that is perfect for men and women.

Perfect aftercare for professional treatments

Pure-Phen – It is entirely natural, made from ginger root & grape extract and frankincense resin. Pure-Phen is clinically proven to help reduce the appearance of acne related skin lesions.

Bakuchiol – Is the first natural alternative to retinol, it improves skin tone, elasticity, firmness, radiance and brightness

Jojoba Oil -This luxuriously soft, liquid wax which is rich in vitamin B and E works to deeply hydrate and restore skin’s natural PH.

Calendula – This is the finest oil known to reduce redness and inflammation with the benefits of vitamin C, D & E to promote youthful bright skin.

Aroma of Lime and may chang (lemon balm)

Use this to: Brighten skin, reduce Breakouts, reduce lines and improve wrinkles.

Men now favour this as a beard oil — it nourishes the skin and conditions the beard without being greasy. The rich citrus scent is refreshing and fresh

Tip: Apply to face and neck before bed and before blow drying hair,  allow a couple of minutes to absorb the beautiful oils of jojoba, calendula and vitamin E. This serum feels a little richer than some due to its intensive active ingredients.

30 ml



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