Our Planet

Potionshop is passionate about the world we live in, we source the finest ingredients carefully and sensitively to protect our planet, the people and our wildlife. We  try to preserve our planet in a number of ways and always welcome idea’s on how we can improve.

All our products are made in England by qualified and student beauty and complimentary therapists. Buying locally / within country of origin  reduces an organisations  carbon foot print.  Buying products that are made overseas incurs transportation costs and increases fuel consumption on the mode of transport used.

All our plastic bottles and jars are PET Plastic or glass, PET plastic is  fully recyclable with a low heat input. The low weight makes PET plastic ideal for transportation (less weight means less fuel is consumed during transportation). PET Plastic unlike other plastics does not leach into the ground if placed in landfill and will therefore not cause land contamination.

We supply beauty colleges, salons and health stores. When we make a delivery we collect Potionshop used bottles and jars,we will try to clean, sterilise and reuse them. For every bottle and top we receive we will pay 5 pence to the ‘Boot out Breast cancer Charity’, funds which accumulate will be paid to the charity on the 1st December every year and will be announced on this website.

Bottles and jars which cannot be reused will be responsibly recycled.

We do not put our retail products in individual  boxes as it would waste paper / cardboard  – Our glass bottles look beautiful and can be reused / recycled.

We reuse cardboard boxed from our ingredients to make our deliveries.

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