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Daily Facial Routine

Each morning Cleanse, brace and moisturise. apply a small amount of cleansing gel to finger tips and massage into the face with a circular motion, paying particular attention to area’s of congestion such as around the nostrils and chin. Dampen fingertips and continue the sequence until the product liquifies into a milky lotion. Rinse with warm water and pat dry with a clean face cloth.
Shake the bracer bottle and apply to damp cotton wool, smooth over the face to tone and brace. Follow with a generous portion of moisturiser to the whole face and neck.
Finally to complete your Potionshop morning ritual apply a small dab of eye gel to both ring fingers and tap around the eye socket, avoiding the lid and lashes – this is so gentle it can be applied over make-up throughout the day to freshen, brighten and lighten tired eyes. Using a clean finger smooth over the top of your lip care and apply directly to the lips. Alternatively, using a small spatula remove a small amount of product from the pot, place onto the back of the hand to warm and smear over lips with index finger. Three times a week exfoliate to rejuvenate the skin with Potionshop exfoliator – apply in the same way as you would the cleansing gel and avoid the eye area (this is gentle enough to use every day).

Each night follow the same routine but replace the moisturiser with the facial treatment oil for a restorative affect and restful sleep.

Before bed apply Potionshop hand cream and foot cream.


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    • bernie says:

      It’s always advisable to use damp cotton wool because it is kinder to the skin as the cotton fibres won’t drag the skin. Also using damp cotton wool will make your product go further.

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