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Bernie and The team at the stunning  ‘Bents Garden centre’.


Every Potionshop product is laced with the magical healing properties of organic essential oil, Our Team  has over 35 years experience in the beauty and holistic therapy field.

We have the full support of cosmetic chemists and herbalists to innovate and test our beautiful creations and ensure they comply with strict EU legislation governing product safety. We have won an award in every single competition we have entered and are led by the demands of our clientele, constantly inspired by new plants cultivated in changing climates.


Bernie’s passion for holistic therapies began 12 years ago after a serious car accident. Aromatherapy blends had a remarkable impact on her recovery so she indulged herself to study it. Afterwards Bernie got involved in charity work for  BASIC –  a local brain and spinal injury charity. Bernie’s use of the word potion was devised as she saw the ‘incredible magical blends’ as more than a beauty product. Over the years Potionshop have provided soothing comfort to many for conditions such as shingles, eczema and pain relief but most of all Potionshop, when used daily, provides amazing holistic skincare.

5 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Samantha says:

    Hi, I have a small salon in Seven oaks that I also teach small groups of students in as well. Could you tell me if All your products are natural and that there is definitely NO chemicals in them, what so ever ?

    Thank you

    Samantha Evans

    • bernie says:

      Hi Samantha, Sorry I didn’t reply to your comment earlier, I had thousands of spam comments on our website form China. Yes, all our products contain only plant material. We use the safest preservatives which again are derived from plants. If you want to know the ingredients of any particular product let me know and I will email you. We supply products to colleges and as part of our service we allow them to choose a product and we make it with the students at the college.
      Let me know if this is of interest to you.

      • humeera says:

        Hi. I wanted to purchase moisturiser for very dry skin after using it a spa. but i cant find the moisturiser all i can find is thr bracer. please can u help. thanks

  2. Rosanne Feneley says:

    Although I’m currently locked in to the cost of another skin care product I ordered over the internet, I may very well be a future client when I cease this other product. Your website is great & I’m very impressed with what you have to offer & your background. God Bless & have a great 2016.

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