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Mother and baby spa us to continue to entertain them because to them, alone time is boredom.

Tommy’s mum has a 45-minute treatment. Tommy remains nearby and is cared for in the arms of his familiar therapist, who notices his forehead is a little dry. Luckily, he has his organic olive oil with him. While mum is treated to a massage, Tommy has his own oil massaged onto his tiny forehead and surrenders to the peaceful surroundings. He has tried to stay awake and keep an eye on mum but it’s far too nice here at the spa. It is like his second home.

One day he may open a spa of his own, he thinks. Tommy is looking forward to being a little older as he is then going to have an aromatherapy massage, but for now it is enough to enjoy the fragrance and benefit from the skin- nourishing olive and calendula oil.

Babies’ skin is very sensitive to the new environment after birth. Due to the fact that they don’t have that wonderful waxy covering that kept them from wrinkling in their mother’s watery womb (vernix caseosa; the substance that babies are covered in at birth) to nourish their skin, it is important to ensure that the newborn skin does not dry out. Always patch test any new oil on a small area of your baby’s skin before use and use only the best quality oil.

Mother and baby spas are becoming very popular. We need to remember that our children are human just like we are and they get stressed too. Most of all, our children need love and hugs, but they also need time and space to be quiet so that they can grow into wonderful whole human beings.

Beverley Higham

Tommy first visited the spa when he was six weeks old. To Tommy, the spa is a place of tranquillity and deep relaxation.

The sound of the waves crashing on a tropical beach and the beautiful faces smiling at him are mesmerising, not to mention the fascinating low lighting and floral displays that tantalise one so young. In fact, Tommy has really been visiting the spa since his conception so the familiar environment will be a pleasant memory from the womb or so baby psychologists will tell us, and I would agree. Tommy rarely cries even when it is almost time for his bottle. The spa environment is one he enjoys and is replenished by. Tranquillity is what a young child needs in this busy world of entertainment, TV, movies and video games or Xboxes. A young child is exposed to so much stimulation in the modern world and to escape to the spa is a sanctuary for both mother and child.

Mum has a coconut lomi lomi massage or, this week, a stress-relieving body exfoliation and body wrap. The subtle aromas further stimulate Tommy’s interest, being an aromatic baby in the sense that his birth involved the use of rose and lavender oil and grandma massages him with organic olive oil and calendula which she highly recommends.

The environment is a tonic with all its embracing, comforting ingredients that a young child needs. Play and stimulating activities will always be part of his life, but to grow up with the ability to relax, meditate and enjoy calm surroundings without being bored is what we should aim to develop in our children. I believe that we entertain our young minds to the point of exhaustion so that children and teenagers expect


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